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$ROCK Solid Tokenomics

Highly Efficient Burn

Current Token Burn


Circulating Supply

Original Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Circulating: 430,995,308,969,430


Rock is a deflationary cryptocurrency.

Rock has a high deflation rate applied to every transaction 5% is distributed to all wallets and 5% is burned. This incentivizes buyers to hold and discourages selling.

End of Tokenomics


Started at Rock Bottom and heading to the moon.

Rock Solid

How to Buy

Buy on Pancakeswap V1

1. Download Metamask (metamask.io)

Setup Metamask wallet and fund with BNB. Download the browser extension.


2. Connect wallet to Pancakeswap V1 (pancakeswap.finance)

Navigate to Pancakeswap and connect Metamask via the top right corner.

Please make sure to use Pancakeswap V1 to save on gas fees. Select V1 at the bottom of Pancakeswap.


3. Add Rock Coin

(Token_ID: 0x133ce282ebf0332a108df365b465476ca507eb9c)

Add Rock to Pancakeswap.


4. Swap BNB for ROCK

Leave a little BNB for gas fees and set slippage to 11%.


5. Add Contract Address 

(Token_ID: 0x133ce282ebf0332a108df365b465476ca507eb9c)

Add Rock in Metamask to view.



You asked, we answered!

Rock Coin is a community-driven deflationary cryptocurrency that is expanding into an industry-wide ecosystem. To start, we’re creating a rock solid platform that encourages participation and contribution within the community.

Rock Coin was discovered and adopted on an archaeological journey into the depths of the cryptosphere. Instead of a rare emerald, we found Rock Coin. There is no official dev team and the project is 100% community-owned and driven.

You should always look to hold your Rock Coin on a wallet that you own the private keys for. This will allow you to take advantage of the 5% distribution. Please see these quick links for some of our recommendations:

As long as nobody except for you has your private keys, you’re good to go. Hold onto those keys like you hold onto your rocks!

To ensure that you’re eligible for distributions, you must hold your rocks in a wallet that you own the private keys for. Holding rocks on an exchange will make you ineligible for distributions.

Gas fees are to pay for processing the transaction. People everywhere are lending their hardware to process and secure your transactions, they deserve a little compensation.

Current slippage rate on Rock coin is 11%.


Slippage is based on the volatility of the coin and is set to settle trades that may change price between the time the order is submitted and the execution of the trade.

No, Rock can only be purchased on the Binance Smart Chain.

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